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Texture: Why we like to touch.


There’s something irresistible about texture… we love to touch!  It’s instinctive, and born in us.  An infant first explores the world through touch and, as adults we still enjoy the pleasures of touch—the softness of skin, the smoothness of velvet, the sleekness of a dog’s coat. We react on an emotional level to texture, just as we do to color, hence the importance of texture in art and design.

COLOR: Framing as self-expression


Color: A Reflection of the Economy, Mood of the Country… Your Business?

The other day, when I looked at the popular colors in clothing, cars, home décor—I surprised myself with a realization.  A similar pattern flows through these three industries… that of color as a mirror of our collective mood in America today.  By color, I don’t mean one prevalent hue, but the bright, strong splashes of color with underlying mute tones, and their many variations.  To me, these reflect our conflicting feelings of pride in our country tempered with fear and uncertainty in the economy, jobs, and personal income.  As I processed all this, I began to see that we can “paint” a picture of ourselves, and even our business, in the mood we want to project.  Frameshops, where it’s all about color and style, have the power to really make a statement.
Consider what these colors convey:

The Power of New...

PowerOfNew resized 600

Do you ever look around and wonder what it is that gives that successful retailer down the road an edge?  Most likely the answer is: Keeping a Fresh Look. Now that may sound simple, but in this fickle economy, it is not.  The decision to invest in “the new” takes courage, foresight, and above all confidence that you are a good business person, know your clientele and the market. The “new” is not just good business, it’s really important.

Spring Looks Great for Picture Moulding Sales!

Aged Steel - Tulips

The best forecast in a long time that relates to the picture framing business has just caught my attention.

So are you ready for a surge in framing sales?

The forecast is from IBM experts who cite a number of important trends that are bolstering home furnishing sales:

When Made in America actually matters.

Patriotic Framerica

The very notion of “Made in America” - at least from a marketing standpoint - is altruistic and born of national pride…a sort of “tug on the heart strings” between a proud manufacturer and hopefully, a willing customer.  But it’s very real in terms of what it stands for: job creation, quality, value, ingenuity…  

There is a certain “head held high” feeling that accompanies “Made in America,” and that feeling is embedded and embraced by American manufacturers, including Framerica.  But while manufacturing or purchasing products that are “Made in the USA” may instill a bit of pride, no one will do it lest there is some real benefit.

Framerica understands that.  It utilizes the flag in its marketing and practically screams patriotism with its corporate name but expects no one to make a buying decision based on it.  It realizes that its products need to be better and more efficient than imported alternatives.  They must be on the cutting edge of design, arrive to market “just-in-time,” and be of better comparable value.  Perhaps of equal importance, they must be consistently of the best quality; and be innovative and timely.  Only with all of these things in place can “Made in the USA” truly matter.

Ornament Frames - Add-On Sale

OrnamentFrame Family resized 600

The benefits of “point-of-purchase” add-on sales whereby a customer enters your store for one thing (i.e. to pick up a completed piece or to have one done) but sees a useful and affordable item and takes that too is an integral component to adding to your bottom line. 

Unique Photo Frames - Add-On Sales


In these difficult times there remains one ever shining bright spot in the lives of most: their families.  Families will always generate lasting memories; and those memories will continue to be immortalized within the custom picture frames that the craftspeople of our industry make so well.  In the following issues we will explore the opportunities that present themselves in your stores by way of families; the subtle and unusual marketing concepts and those more obvious things that you’re more likely to experience weekly. 

Framing For The Family - Children's Walls

Children's Room

Have your customers ever included their children in the framing process? 

It can be surprising, especially when you see them become excited and involved in the selection.  And while encouraging their creativity is a good thing, their young tastes may not quite blend with the home décor.  But their own creativity and design sense works perfectly in one part of the house: their room.

The walls of a child’s room offer the perfect opportunity for parents to let their children make some important, individualistic decisions.  Perhaps they would like to select a favorite drawing for framing?  Allowing the child to become involved in the decision-making is the key.

And the winner of 1,000 Feet of moulding is....

1,000 Foot Winner Photo

The names were thrown into the Boxer® and our VP of Marketing has pulled his selection.

And the winner is...

Oh wait... can't read it?? Well I guess i'll just tell you then.


Congratulations from everyone here at Framerica!

For those who didn't win this time around please keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter or Facebook as well as our Website for future promotions, flash sales and fun framing ideas!!  

Be sure to check out our site for all the new mouldings that we premiered at this year's WCAF! 

Hope you had as much fun as we did!!

Thank you for choosing Framerica

Framerica's BonanzaWood® Saves Millions Of Trees!

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BonanzaWood® moulding is engineered to exhibit properties superior to traditional woods. It was conceived as an affordable and renewable wood source and has quickly become the industry standard for value and consistency.

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